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1978 Pontiac Trans Am
This is a Custom Print for one of our Clients. It is a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.
    After such a dramatic freshening for the 1977 model year, the 1978 Firebird Trans Am appeared to be mostly carryover. The exterior lines had the same peaks and valleys, but what 1978 could be remembered for mostly was horsepower and handling.

Developing horsepower had nearly become a lost art for U.S. carmakers. Struggling with emissions, fuel economy regulations, and the constant pressures of the insurance industry, horsepower levels had been on a downward spiral with seemingly no end in sight. After years of cutting performance levels, the T/A 6.6 engine of the '77 Trans Am started to reverse that trend. Horsepower increased on the 400 V8 for the first time since 1974. Although when looking back at the early seventies, 200 horsepower was pale in comparison, but at least power was heading the right way.

Not only had horsepower returned to be a good word in the American carbuilders vocabulary, a new word was beginning to be noticed; handling.
No longer were cars being built for the carefree days of cruising down endless
interstates good enough. We wanted cars with razor sharp reflexes and flat cornering attitudes. Pontiac was able to meet both those needs for 1978.

The Trans Am was in it's ninth year of production, the last eight in the second generation bodystyle. Last year, the most dramatic change so far had occurred with the addition of the "Batmobile" nose. For 1978, budgets for major styling changes were used for functional upgrades, so the two years are similar in appearance, save a couple of changes.

First, new grilles were used, replacing the honey comb grille centers with a cross hatch arrangement. With the exception of the Black & Gold or Gold Special Editions, these grilles were painted low gloss black with chrome bezels. A "Pontiac" logo was bolted to the grille on the left side, replacing the decal that was affixed to the header on the 1977.

The second change involved the "Trans Am" logos, which became softer and less angular than those of previous years. On all models except the Special Editions, chromed Firebird emblems were mounted on the c-pillar. The SE's received a decal. Around March/April of 1978, the tail lamp surrounds were painted gloss black, replacing the previous body color.

Exterior color choices flourished for 1978, but there was a major casualty; Buccaneer Red, a Trans Am mainstay since 1973, was gone. What replaced it was somewhat of a controversial color- ( I know, I own one) Mayan Red. Mayan Red (#75) wasn't really red and wasn't really orange - just somewhere kind of in the middle. In addition, there was still Cameo White, Platinum, Starlight Black , Martinique Blue, Chesterfield Brown, and Solar Gold, which also became a new Special Edition color.

Speaking of the Special Editions, the black and gold variety returned, but now were available only with t-tops. Pontiac coded those SE's built at the Van Nuys, California plant and the Norwood, Ohio plant differently. The Norwood cars had a RPO of Y82 and the Californian's, Y84 (This does not mean that all cars built in Van Nuys were sold in California.). The components of the SE package were carryover for '78.

After two years of success with the black & gold Special Editions, Pontiac decided to try a new angle- reverse the colors! Solar Gold with black accents was chosen to supplement the "bandit". Most gold SE's were built in Norwood, Ohio, as the Van Nuys, Ca. plant had to use a different paint due to EPA regulations. The paint from Van Nuys had a greenish cast to it, versus the more pure gold look of the Ohio models. -by: www.iwaynet.net
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