We've been getting a lot of questions regarding how to frame our posters. Here's a HOW TO on where to get a good inexpensive frame and what measurements are acceptable for our posters.

If you have another great idea please feel free to email me. eric@superstylings.com
Our posters are as follows: Our prints are 30 inches X 20 inches with a white border around the image making them 32 inches X 24 inches. The white borders are there for cropping purposes. You can easily cut or fold the white border off to fit onto a 20x30 frame. That's one way to frame our posters.
  The best way to frame our poster is to get a Glass Frame that is larger than the poster size. You will also have to get a mat board for this method.

-Get a 24 X 36 inch frame, the style and material is up to you, A glass frame is preferred, however if you transport the frame/poster a lot, you might want a more durible plexiglass frame.

-Get a 24 X 36 inch white, black or any color Mat board. You will have to cut the inside of the matt to a 20X30 inch diameter. This is where the poster image will show.

Mat boards can be purchase at Frame Stores such as Michaels and other Art Supply stores.
Good inexpensive Frames can be purchase at Target or any Art Supply stores.

-It's that easy....
1. Get a 24 X 36 Inch Frame
2. Get a 24 X 36 Inch Mat Board
with a 20 X 30 opening.
3. Add your Poster Design,
And Enjoy...
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