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How to take & send in photos

That's it! We will do the rest. As soon as we are done with your design, you will get a draft of your design and you can than change or add anything you like. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. Turn around time is around 1-2 weeks.
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Your Poster design is now bigger 20" X 30"
with 2 - 4 inches of white border space making the total size 24" X 32"
Printed in Landscape or Portrait Size.

Full Color Glossy Print.
Poster is Fade Resistant for 70+ yrs
-Each Poster design is $180.00.
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Total: $180.00

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*Please read our disclaimer at the bottom.
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By purchasing our poster designs you agree to the following:

1.) Our designs are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed without our permission. Please contact us and most likely we will allow you to use the design for commercial use.

2.) Superstylings holds the rights and royalties to all our designs. You agree and acknowledge that your design will be displayed on our website and other promotional items.

- Promotional items include t-shirt prints, billboards, magazine advertisements, tv advertisements, promotional posters for giveaways or posters for sale, and any future promotional items Superstylings Design might engage in.

3.) You are given us permission to use your photos to produce a custom design for you and for our poster collection which may be sold. If we decide to use your photos for our poster collection, we hold all rights to the design. This is one way we can keep our design fees low, benefiting both you and us.

3.) If you are seeking to own the rights and royalty to your own design, different set of prices and rules will apply to your design. Utilizing our designs for your business logos is prohibited without permission from Superstylings Design.

4.) Duplications of any kind are prohibited without our permission.
Please contact us for rules and regulations:
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